Put Their Best Paw Forward: Spay and Neuter

When you have your puppy or kitten spayed or neutered, you give them a chance at a longer, healthier life. The medical and behavioral benefits are some they’re unlikely to receive any other way. Please schedule a wellness examination for your cat or dog so our doctors can talk more in-depth about the best time for spay and neuter surgery. We look forward to customizing your pet’s care! All our services are easily accessible to Louisburg and surrounding areas.

Living Longer and Healthier: The Benefits

You’ll enjoy quality-of-life benefits in addition to the ones your pet receives. Spay and neuter surgery can seriously prevent or curtail roaming, urine spraying, and other worrisome behavior. Both male and female pets are crafty at finding ways of escaping when left in-tact. Spay and neuter surgery prevents them from becoming lost or injured.

Female pets receive numerous benefits:

  • The chances for unwanted pregnancies are eliminated.
  • Breast cancer is less likely to occur.
  • Ovarian cancer is less likely to occur.
  • Uterine cancer is less likely to occur.
  • Roaming behavior is reduced or eliminated.
  • Urine spraying is reduced or eliminated.

Male pets receive numerous benefits:

  • Any chance for testicular cancer is eliminated.
  • The incidence of prostate disease is less likely.
  • Roaming behavior is reduced or eliminated.
  • Urine spraying is reduced or eliminated.
  • Mounting behavior is reduced or eliminated.

Part of Responsible Pet Ownership

If you don’t plan on breeding your pet, responsible pet ownership includes having them undergo spay and neuter surgery. Unfortunately, animal shelters house more pets than there are people adopting them. Since spay and neuter surgery combats animal overpopulation, it also reduces animal homelessness.

Similarly, you’re practicing responsible pet ownership when you have your pet vaccinated. Pet vaccinations protect animals and humans from dangerous diseases. Furthermore, vaccines keep contagious diseases from spreading further. Schedule a wellness visit with us so our friendly doctors can discuss anything your pet needs to put their best paw forward. The general timeline for spay and neuter surgery can vary, but most pets can undergo this important procedure by six months old.


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