Louisburg Equine Reproductive Services

Town & Country Equine & Pet Hospital provides full-service reproductive services for horses. These services are important for successful breeding and include the following:

Equine Reproductive Services:

  • Semen collection and shipping: After semen is collected from a stallion, we can inseminate the mare or extend it and ship it chilled anywhere in the country.
  • Fertility evaluation: This exam helps determine a mare’s or stallion’s potential for breeding. It involves performing a physical exam and ultrasound.
  • Ultrasounds:  As mentioned above, ultrasounds are used to determine a mare’s fertility. We also use them to detect the optimal time for insemination and to monitor the pregnancy.
  • Foaling stalls: The hospital is equipped with double-sized stalls for mares preparing to foal. Additionally, it can be monitored 24 hours a day through a video system built into the horse barn.


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